Technical Reference: Exchange Directories to Exclude from Virus Scan

Exclude Certain Directories from File-level Virus Scanners

File-level scanners scan a file when it is used or at a scheduled interval and can lock or quarantine an Exchange log or database file while Exchange tries to use the file. This can cause a sever failure in Exchange Server 2003 and earlier versions and can also generate -1018 errors.

Best practice: Make sure that you exclude the following directories on all the drives.

In Exchange 2003, exclude:

 - Exchsrvr\MDBData

 - SRS

In Exchange 2000 Server, exclude:

 - Exchsrvr\MDBData

 - SRS

- M: Drive (Entirely)

Important: Do not scan the M: drive. File-level scanning of your M: drive can cause calendar items to disappear from users’ folders.

In Exchange Server 5.5, exclude:

 - Exchsrvr\MDBData

 - DSAData

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