Technology Implementations: Data Recovery Services

If a file has been accidentally deleted, it may be recoverable! 

When you delete a file, its filename is only marked for deletion.  The file still exists on your hard drive.  The space that it occupied is now available to be overwritten.

If you suspect that a file you needed has been deleted, you can increase the likelihood of recovery by:

  • Don't attempt to find the file.  The disk activity performed may overwrite the file or files you are attempting to recover.
  • Don't shut down properly.  We would normally never tell you to do this, but just SHUT OFF the power.  When you perform a Shut Down or logoff properly, the computer closes its temporary files used by the operating system.
  • Don't install your own over-the-counter file recovery software.  Doing so may overwrite the same files you are trying to salvage!

In addition to recovering deleted files, we can also send your hard drive to a laboratory which may be able to recover crashed hard disks.

Give us a call.  We will attempt to recover the file using the most sophisticated methods available. 

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