"How-To" Tutorials: FIX: Windows 8.1 upgrade not available in App Store

We recently had a situation where we purchased a Dell Optiplex preloaded with Windows 8 Pro OEM.  Since Windows 8.1 was already available I wanted to immediately upgrade the operating system prior to setting it up.

The Windows 8.1 update is supposed to show up immediately on the first page of the Windows App Store.  (Just labeled “Store” on the Start screen)  If the update is not showing, I could not find a way to manually download the update.  (I did read the threads about upgrading from the Preview version.)

It was not, and so we found the official guide for this problem here:

After exhausting all those options, I also manually downloaded the KB2871389 installer from:

However it would not install, it said the update was already installed.

To search for the update, go to Control Panel / Programs and Features / View Installed Updates, and search for “KB2871389

NOTE: Viewing updates from Windows Update / View Update History does not allow searching!

The fix was to uninstall KB2871389, reboot, reinstall KB2871389, reboot, and it showed up in the store!

This update was already installed on the OS from Dell.  Something must have not been happy with it.

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