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Job Openings: Dispatcher

Department: Administrative
Description: As a Dispatcher, your primary responsibility is routing service requests to the most immediately available technical resources.

Duties will include opening and closing the shop during business hours. Receive technical support phone calls, route customers to resolve computer problems and dispatch on-site technicians for repair.

Service tickets will be entered into shop management systems. You will be responsible for ensuring all requests are properly entered, as well as supervision of the requests to ensure they are addressed in the most efficient manner. Must constantly be monitoring outstanding requests and be able to reassign due to changing circumstances.
Requirements: Must be extremely reliable. Our clients are counting on us. You must arrive on-time, be consistent, and be willing to accommodate client schedule needs.

Should have an empathetic and reassuring disposition. Active listener with excellent communication skills. When our client’s computers aren’t behaving, you must be the voice that conveys we’re here to help and calm the situation.

Big picture thinker. There are a lot of variables to consider when making assignments. What skills are needed to fix the problem, who in the shop possesses those skills, does the client prefer one personality over another, is one of our techs already occupied with a difficult problem, are they not feeling well that day, etc. The number of mitigating circumstances are numerous.

Supervisory Skills. At all times you should know what resources you have available to you, their current workloads, what scheduled appointments are coming up. Must possess supervisory ability to remind and redirect the technicians to best serve the clients.

Must be able to assess urgency and prioritize. Sound judgement and critical thinking. As with most things, each client will see their issues as the most important, and you must respect that. Simultaneously, you should possess the ability to objectively calculate priorities and adjust accordingly.

Outstanding organizational and multitasking abilities. You must order your day to make the best use of your time. While your primary schedule driver will be the phone and emails, you should not wait for something to do. Use the time between customer contact to manage projects, walk through the shop to assess tech availability and disposition, and to update the status of customers’ machines on the service bench.

If you’ve gathered anything from this job description, you can tell it’s a very important part of our mission. We are in the business of helping people and organizations utilize their IT Systems with as little frustration as possible, and being there for them when they need us.
Reports to: Ops Mgr
Salary / Wage: $18-$22/hr

Available: Immediately