Our computer consultation services are the foundation of Jackson Technical... supporting your success, whatever your business is. Our staff has years of experience in the computer field, with up-to-date skills in the latest technologies. We employ only the best, brightest, and most enthusiastic talent available in the Tulsa area.  We take the frustration and hassle out of computer use, and turn your computing experience into a smooth and enjoyable process... so you can spend time doing what you do best... your business!

We form lasting relationships with the people and businesses we serve. Our prompt and personal service has earned us a reputation that sets us apart and provides you with the technology resources you need.

Services We Provide

We provide a wide array of services for our clients. Not only are we effective and experienced in servicing your information technology needs, but the manner in which we form relationships with you is a coveted experience. We listen to your needs... then recommend, plan, and implement solutions to your satisfaction, often beyond your expectations.

We are easy to contact! You get a direct line to your own technician, systems engineer, or programmer who knows and is experienced with your individual systems and setup. When you need computer service, we can typically be there within an hour!

We provide desktop and server support, web page hosting and development, wireless and wired computer networking, shared Internet access solutions, Firewall implementation, security audits, email, custom application programming, database management and development, and disaster avoidance including tape backups, virus protection and redundancy solutions. Looking for specifics? Please reference our list of computer services. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, please contact us and ask about it. Chances are, if the word "computer" is involved, we've got a solution!

Our Pricing

Our pricing is competitive and fair, and based on industry standards set in the Tulsa metro area. Our philosophy is simple: we pay our technicians and engineers well, so that we enlist and retain the most experienced and talented people available. You can find rates lower than ours, but beware... they will take twice as long to finish the same job!

Your rates are based on the Support Agreements in place. All services are performed by qualified and Certified professionals.

Typical Pricing:

Outsourcing your IT support needs to our experienced staff can start at $10K per year for small offices, much less than the cost of a full-time employee and with the added benefits of having an entire IT staff at your service with a wide array of specialties.