Why JTech?

We Care

Ever feel like most computer guys just don't "get it"? We do. We understand that you simply need technology to work... it's a tool to help support your business.

You won't hear us yammer on and on with a bunch of techno babble that doesn't impress nor concern you. We recognize that you've hired us to do a job... make I.T. work for you.

We're Tenacious

Some I.T. issues are more difficult to solve than others. What makes us different is we don't ever want to say "No" to our clients... we're going to keep at it until "Problem Solved!"

In fact, we have an internal policy... No No's until Tim knows. Even if we cannot get through a wall... there's likely a way around it, over it, or under any problem presented to us that our years of experience cannot solve.

It Gets Done Correctly

As with many things in our professional and personal lives... there's often an easy way to do things, and then there's a correct way to do things. It might be more difficult, take a little more time, or just require a bit more experience... but we manage your computer systems for the long game. We know that doing it right the first time saves frustration and costly interruptions down the line.

We have a team of devoted and career minded professionals. We've dedicated our lives to providing innovative and practical solutions for a variety of businesses and industries. We're constantly learning new skills and keeping them up to date with both on the job experience and official vendor training. We're not stuck in the past with decade old skills that can keep your business in the technical dark ages.

For our new customers, we may recommend a lot of changes. This is to your benefit. To quote Mike Holmes... we "Make it Right".

Let's Get to Work!

We completely understand that making a change in your IT provider can be a stressful and frightening endeavor. We assure you... with or without the assistance of your current computer support provider, we have a proven methodology for a smooth transition.

Please, Contact Us now... there's no better time to get started.