Technical Reference: Windows Small Business Server 2003 Port Forwarding

For full functionality of SBS 2003 (SBS2003) Remote Web Workplace, forward the following ports at your router or firewall:

SMTP 25 - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

HTTP 80 - Home Page Web

SSL 443 - Home Page Web Secured

HTTP2 444 - Second SSL Secured on alternate port for SharePoint

PPTP 1723 - VPN Connections

RDP 3389 - Remote Desktop Protocol (only needed for direct access, if using RWW website, only 4125 is needed)

RWW 4125 - Remote Web Workplace


POP3 110 - If using POP3 mail connections

IMAP 143 - Good for iPhones (1st Generation)

IMAP SSL 993 - Even better for iPhones (1st Generation)


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