Technical Reference: Dell Recommended Software install sequence

This is the recommend order of installation of Dell firmware, BIOS, and driver updates:

  1. System Bios1
  2. ESM (Embedded Server Management) firmware
  3. RAID Driver
  4. RAID Firmware
  5. OpenMange Software updates

 UPDATE!  The list above was according to a Dell tech via telephone during a support call in 2005.  The following info was submitted by a visitor of the site:

Installation Order of Update Packages

If you are installing multiple Update Packages, install the updates that require a reboot last. Dell recommends the installation order as described in Table 1-1.

Table 1-1. Update Packages: Recommended Installation Order


Software Components


Device drivers


Device firmware


ESM firmware



  NOTICE: If you are installing both ESM and BIOS updates, you must install the ESM firmware update before the BIOS update.
  NOTICE: If you are planning to install Server Administrator as well as a BIOS update, you must install Server Administrator before the BIOS update. If you have updated the BIOS already and you are planning to install Server Administrator, you must reboot your system so that the changes to the BIOS will take effect.

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