"How-To" Tutorials: How to put Siemens SpeedStream 4100B into Bridge Mode

You will need to put your DSL modem into bridge mode in otder to use a router or firewall with it.

Take the new modem out or the box, and plug a computer directly into it's ethernet port.  By default, a  DHCP server is turned on the modem, and will issue a 192.168.0.x IP address to you.  You may have to do a IPCONFIG /release then IPCONFIG /renew.

Browse to

You will be prompted with a User ID and Password Login screen... you can ignore this.  This is for PPPoE on the modem setup.

Click Advanced on the left menu

Click PPP Location

Select the "Bridged Mode (PPPoE is not used)." option.

Click Save Changes

You can now use the DSL modem on the WAN port of a router.  You will be presented with this screen after clicking Save Changes:

PPP Location Warning





When using Bridged mode your access to the modem becomes limited. To return to the DSL modem user interface after this change you need to directly connect your PC to the modem without any gateway or router between the modem and the PC and configure your computer appropriately.

Configure the IP address of your computer to be on the same network as the modem by using an IP address of the form 192.168.x.x (except and a network mask of

You may also return to the DSL modem user interface by resetting the modem back to its initial defaults. All configuration changes and other settings will no longer be available if this is done. To reset the modem press the "Reset" button located on the bottom of the modem.

Modem Restarted

The modem can be used after the power light has been steady green for at least 15 seconds.



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