Technical Reference: FIX: UniFi Site-to-Site VPN Error: Invalid Payload

When setting up a new IPSec Site-to-Site VPN within the Settings / Networks / Create New Network area of our Ubiquiti dashboard, we kept getting this error:

There was an error saving the data: Invalid Payload

We checked and double-checked all of our settings, and everything was correct.  Google research only brought up articles on how to setup the VPN, none explicitly mentioning this error.

We selected VPN Type: Manual IPsec, Remote Subnets:, Peer IP: (public IP of the other side), Local WAN IP: (our IP), and a Pre-Shared Key password.  IPsec Profile was left as Customized.

After lots of troubleshooting, we found the culprit… LassPass password manager!

We suspect that the HTML form the dashboard uses some hidden form variables, and LassPass was auto-filling some of those values.  This of course can happen with  any auto-fill plugins.

Simply disable the plugin(s) or use a different browser and you should be able to save your settings.

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