"How-To" Tutorials: How to connect Auvik to Ubiquiti devices using SNMP v3 to UniFi controller


Auvik Support provides this How-To article to connect to Ubiquiti devices through the Unifi controller using SNMP v1:


But what what if you have a security need to use SNMP v3

Unfi just gives simple Username and Password fields:

Unifi SNMPv3

I could not find an Auvik document on the matter, but this Ubuqiti Community post led me in the right direction:

So, that gave some good info that it was SHA and AES (unspecified).  With some playing around, I found it's SHA and AES-128 with the Auth and Privacy Passhrase being the same:

Auvik SNMP v3

We just used an SNMP username of snmpv3 but you can use your own preference.

Once you've given Auvik time to retry the authentication, it connects!

Auvik SNMPv3


Hope this helps you out!



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