Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions

Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery Planning

We identify, understand and prioritize the criticality of business processes to reduce risks during a business interruption. Using that information, we implement a plan to keep customer business services available during emergencies or while other supporting services are interrupted. To further support that goal, we develop and implement rapid restore procedures.

Email Continuity

Inbound customer email is spooled continuously in the event of an outage of the customer�s network or servers. It is then automatically delivered once the customer�s mail server(s) and connection have been re-established, at a regulated rate to allow new inbound messages to be delivered concurrently.

High Availability Services

For customers who have business applications with high availability needs, we implement a plan to have mirrored failover systems so that the threat of service interruption is virtually eliminated.

Hot Spare Program

In order to minimize disruption to clients, we provide a service where damaged or faulty equipment can be swapped with a loan machine while it is repaired. These hot-spare machines are pre-configured with the standard customer operating environment and core applications, to enable staff to continue to work with minimal downtime.

Monitored Backup Solution

We continually monitor success, failure or errors related to your on-site backup solution.

Off-Site and Cloud Backup Solutions

Customer data is maintained in both a primary data center and a secondary remote data center ensuring that customer data is safe in the unlikely event that a back-up facility is affected by an emergency.

UPS Monitoring and Maintenance

We design, install and maintain redundant power supply and cooling solutions for customers' critical network devices, including regular testing. We monitor the ongoing performance of installed power supply solutions to ensure they are functioning properly, and are notified if abnormal conditions or failures occur.