Enterprise Services for Small Business

Windows Desktop and Windows Server Support in Tulsa

We are Microsoft Certified experts with all of the latest Microsoft operating systems. We can quickly, and without hassle, service or upgrade your machine to the latest Microsoft OS, giving you the power and stability of business-class operating systems.

Server Performance Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitoring of the ongoing health, performance and errors of server hardware components and server-based operating systems. Scheduled maintenance of server equipment which ensures reliability and continued high quality service. Optimizing hard drive performance, clearing logs & temp files, OS patch updates, and other checklisted maintenance items.

Desktop Performance Monitoring and Maintenance

We monitor the ongoing health, performance and errors in the operating system software as well as device hardware components of desktops and laptops. In addition, other applications can be monitored for specific conditions through log file analysis and monitoring of associated processes. Scheduled maintenance of desktops and laptops which ensures reliability and stability for users. Optimizing hard drive performance, clearing logs & temp files, operating system patch updates, physical inspections, and other checklisted maintenance items.

Desktop Configuration Services and Enforcement

The standard user desktop design and configuration enables efficiency in the services provided by our technicians and tools, and reduces costs significantly through standardisation of the computing environment. It also assists in quicker problem-solving when issues occur, and it enables the use of hot-swap computers in the event of a hardware failure. Standard installations are maintained for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. They include the operating system, standard application packages, drivers for supported hardware and antivirus software.

Windows and Macintosh Integration

Our dual-certified support technicians are highly adept at integrating Macintosh computers and other Apple devices into Windows-centric network environments.

Enterprise Antivirus Management

Every workstation or desktop connected to the client network is required to run antivirus software. This forms the second line of defense against viruses - ensuring that if infected files are opened on client computers, the virus is identified and file access stopped, preventing further infection.

Print Servers and Queue Management

We deploy single or multiple print queues for multiple customer printer devices. Specific features include prioritization and scheduling of print jobs, real-time insight into print activity, print logs for accounting and job tracking, as well as group or user print quotas.

Software Installation, Maintenance and Upgrades

We can seamlessly transfer all of your software, settings, and data to a new PC without the need for your original CDs and serial numbers, installation codes, registration numbers, etc.

Database Design, Development and Conversion

Specializing in Microsoft SQL and MySQL servers and databases, we can design and implement databases for nearly unlimited amounts of data.