Networking and Network Security Services

Network Wiring

Installation, moves, and troubleshooting utilizing the expertise of Leviton Certified cabling experts.

Wireless Mesh Networking

Many wireless networks out there are self-installed or installed by inexperienced technicians that leave your network wide open to unauthorized access. We use a proven wireless networking solution from Meraki to ensure a secure and encrypted WLAN.

Virtual Private Networking and Remote Access Solutions

We can quickly and easily setup VPN access to your office or connect satellite offices or telecommuters to enable access to company network resources. VPN access is secure and anables remote users to work more efficiently from home or while on the road by bringing their office desktop to wherever they are.

Antivirus Management

Proper configuration and installation of supported antivirus applications on both servers and workstations. Includes ongoing maintenance, such as updates to the application, the virus definitions, and any necessary changes to the configuration. We also monitor your anti-virus software vendor�s website and public sites for information on new viruses and destructive programs.

Virus Disinfection / Virus Outbreak Management

We provide disinfection services, ensuring the complete recovery of any computers infected during outbreaks of any given virus.

Firewall Availability, Connectivity and Performance Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the availability and connectivity of the customer's firewall to ensure the device is up and running properly.

Firewall Management

We maintain the system version software and operating system of the customer's firewall, continually manage policy and configuration changes, and coordinate necessary service outages with the customer to minimize access and security interruptions.

Email Content and Attachment Filtering

Allows an organization to create and enforce email usage policies for inbound and/or outbound email messages using flexible content filters based on sender and recipient addresses, key words, and attachments. Enables companies to block or re-route inbound email messages containing unwanted email attachments. Allows administrators to use productivity filters to create inbound email policies based on attachment type, such as music, sound and movie files. Allows designated senders, such as designated partners, customers, and associates, to bypass specified email policies through an optional "approved sender list" feature.