"How-To" Tutorials: Ticket Hold

Ticket holds are intended for an overwhelmed tech to catch up and decrease their overall load.


The primary intention is for that person to be able to focus on their oldest tickets first, and complete them.  They’re typically difficult, or just unpleasant tasks.


It does NOT mean that the tech should not get any new tickets, regardless of situation.


It’s NOT intended to handicap dispatch from having someone who can help.  For example, if they’re the only one in the office, they’re still available to you.


They should NOT get any tickets that aren’t time sensitive.  A new user account starting next week, preventive maintenance tasks, etc.


They should NOT get “easy” tickets.  These are typically 2-3 minute tasks that we may be able to bill ¼ hour.  These tickets could allow someone to mask unproductive behavior.


It’s NOT intended as a permanent corrective action. Usually a maximum of a week.  For longer term problems, we will decrease the number of Primary and Secondary clients they have on a periodic basis.


The tech should avoid volunteering for menial tasks… focus on what you’ve got and only help with emergencies and time-sensitive requests.

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